Andrew Machado

CEO and Founder

Andrew founded Open Home Pro in 2010 after watching his girlfriend struggling at Open Homes to collect client information. Over the last year he's realized the problems for agents were much bigger than simply collecting leads. Previously Andrew spent time doing Business Development for Apture (sold to Google), Product Management for Yardbarker (sold to Fox) and Merchandising for eBay. A long long time ago he was the first intern for Apple's Retail division and always remembers to surprise and delight his customers. You can learn more about Andrew @machado or via his blog.

Robert Malko


A few of Robert's past co-workers called him the human API. Joking aside, he prides himself on staying current on all things tech, which allows him to use the right tool for the job. His new fling for the last few years has been Node.js and Javascript, and just recently he has taught himself iOS development in just a few weeks. Robert is mostly invisible online, but you can find his open-source and other interesting projects over at Github.

He previously came from Didit, where he honed his analytic chops while working with Hadoop and Clojure to proces large swathes of search engine data, and IntraLinks, where he was project manager on a few billion dollar m&a deals.

Rob Abbott

Wizard of Design

The Open Home Pro app and brand was reconstructed from scratch by Rob and his team at EGG HAUS, a mobile product design firm he founded in 2008. The relaunch of Open Home Pro proved the united dynamic between Andrew and Rob to be very successful, they were after all, past colleagues at eBay. Rob joined OHP thereafter.

Rob spent 7 years in User Experience and Design (UED) organizations at IBM, Fidelity, and eBay. In 2007 he joined Ribbit, a telephony startup in Mountain View, CA, which was soon acquired by British Telecom in 2008 for $105 million.

Rob is the current product design mentor at Dogpatch Labs in Palo Alto where he has advised residents, including Kevin Systrom of Instagram. Rob also teaches a 6 hour lab on Interface Design for Touch Devices at SFSU, and is a design mentor at Stanford

Ryan Spoon


Ryan is a Principal at Polaris Venture Partners and leads Dogpatch Labs in San Francisco (located at Pier 38). Either as lead investor or board observer, he works closely with Formspring,, KISSmetrics, LOLapps, Movity (acquired by Trulia), Offline Labs, ReadyForZero, Recurly, and ShoeDazzle. You can learn more about Ryan via his blog.